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A note about tour availability:

Unfortunately, due to scheduling restrictions, we cannot guarantee any tours except those of the U.S. Capitol.
All other tours are scheduled at the discretion of their respective agency and are subject to cancellation at any time.

White House Tours: Due to the overwhelming demand for White House tours and heightened security restrictions,
White House tour requests must be submitted at least one month in advance. Requests can be submitted up to six
months in advance; however there is no guarantee of availability. Tour requests are granted exclusively by the
White House Visitors Office and unfortunately cannot be guaranteed by our office.

Please select the tours you are interested in:
The White House (Tuesday-Sunday, Requests should be submitted at least 1-6 months in advance)
Capitol (Monday-Friday, Groups larger than 15 will be scheduled through the Capitol Guide Service)
Kennedy Center (Monday-Friday)
Library of Congress (Monday-Friday, daily public tours available without reservation)

Special needs or requests:
Please contact Congressman Costa’s office at 202-225-3341 with any questions regarding this form.

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