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Successful immigration reform needs to be tough, smart and fair.  It should combine strong enforcement with other changes to the system to make it realistic enough to address America's long-term security, stability and prosperity.  There needs to be a more proactive stance to ensure future traffic at the borders is controlled, normalized, and safe.  

Susan would like to see a combined approach to controlling illegal immigration that includes securing the border, enforcing the law in the workplace, creating legal channels for workers to enter the country, and a way to earn legal status.  Border enforcement needs to be accomplished by providing dedicated agents with improved technology and increased personnel.  Susan believes enforcement through tamper-proof employment verification is important, in addition to significant fines and criminal penalties for employers who disregard this process.  The current flow of illegal immigration needs to be replaced with a lawful channel to satisfy the country's demand for foreign workers.  

Susan does not support amnesty.  She believes undocumented immigrants need to come out of the shadows and pass various hurdles to earn the privilege of being allowed to stay in our country.  Earned legalization does not mean people will be "cutting in line" as some critics have stated. These individuals will go to the back of the line and wait their turn.

She also believes that it is not right to deport young adults who are here through no fault of their own and contribute to the economy, especially when there are undocumented individuals with criminal records.  Susan supported the President’s stopgap measure giving these young adults a two-year deferral on deportation. 
As a San Diegan, Susan is proud of our community’s diversity.  She opposed the Arizona’s “Show Your Papers” provision within SB 1070.  Ordering immigration checks based on the vague standard of “reasonable suspicion” leaves the door open for racial profiling and undermines our nation’s commitment to equal treatment for all Americans.

In the 113th Congress, Susan is a cosponsor of the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act (H.R. 15), a comprehensive immigration reform bill that includes provisions for stronger border security, a streamlined legal immigration process, and a path for undocumented immigrants to earn citizenship.