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U.S. House of Representatives
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Washington, DC 20515
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San Diego Office
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San Diego CA 92116
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As a frequent traveler herself, Susan certainly appreciates the need for safe, efficient transport routes that meet the demands of our nation's active commuters! In San Diego, we are fortunate to have an extensive freeway and bus system as well as trolley and commuter rail. Susan understands, however, that San Diego lags behind many cities its size when it comes to transit and there’s always room for improvement.

We need to improve the efficiency, speed and convenience of our public transportation systems to get cars and trucks off the road. Adding more freeway lanes alone will not solve our traffic problems in the long run. To keep San Diego's transportation infrastructure viable and accessible, we need to improve light rail commuter trolley and railroad transportation systems. Clearly these projects are a first step rather than a final solution, and Susan will continue to be a strong advocate for enhancing our public transit infrastructure and other smart growth policies.

San Diego Transit

Susan has played a key role in working to make San Diego a more transit-and-commute friendly, livable community. In the last Congress, she was a cosponsor of the Active Community Transportation Act, which would help change our country’s transportation infrastructure to make it friendlier to bikers and walkers.

  • Trolley
    Susan championed the expansion of the trolley line through Mission Valley East to serve San Diego State University and surrounding communities.
  • Freeways and Funding
    Susan successfully secured federal funding for the I-805 Managed Lanes Project, Regional Bus Replacement, and the Regional Transportation Management System.

Recent Congressional Action

Susan was pleased to see the House and Senate come together on a compromise to ensure our nation’s transportation and infrastructure needs are prioritized. This agreement reauthorizes federal highway, transit and surface transportation programs through Sept. 30, 2014.  It also reauthorizes the National Flood Insurance Program for five years and streamlines environmental reviews of proposed projects to more quickly begin construction. This legislation will help SANDAG, MTS, and other regional planning and transportation groups move forward with projects that will benefit our communities. 

Gas Prices

Susan certainly understands the strain that Americans, particularly those of us in San Diego, are feeling due to prices at the pump. She believes that steps must be taken to get our country’s energy policy on an affordable, logical track. In the meantime, she has cosponsored the Federal Price Gouging Prevention Act, (H.R. 964) which would make it illegal to sell gasoline at excessive prices and prevents Big Oil from taking advantage of consumers by price gouging.