Press Release

December 8, 2010

Contact: Aaron Hunter 202-225-2040


Rep. Susan Davis Supports DREAM Act

Eligible undocumented immigrant children must attend a college or join the military to receive permanent resident status

Washington – Congresswoman Susan Davis (D-San Diego) voted for legislation to address the legal status of children of undocumented immigrants who have essentially known only America as their home.  The DREAM Act, which passed the House on a vote of 216-198, sets forward a series of strict requirements for high-achieving young people to qualify for permanent residence status.

“These talented young people were brought to America through no fault of their own,” said Davis, a cosponsor of the DREAM Act. “They have grown to love this country. Many have already contributed to America though military service and more. And so many more want to give back it.  If these young people meet the stringent requirements this bill sets forth, they should have that opportunity.”

Young people who were brought into the country illegally by their parents, have been in America for at least five years and are under the age of 30 are eligible.  If demonstrating good moral character and not being subject to any reasons for deportation, they would qualify for conditional legal status and would have to complete at least two years of college or military service to maintain that status.  They would also be required to pay taxes and learn to read, write and speak English.

The bill heads to the Senate for consideration.


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