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Press Release

March 20, 2010

Contact: Aaron Hunter 202-225-2040


Congresswoman Susan Davis Advocates and Votes to Protect TRICARE

Washington —Today, Rep. Susan Davis, Chairwoman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Military Personnel, spoke out in support of H.R. 4887.  This legislation would explicitly state that TRICARE and nonappropriated fund (NAF) health plans meet all of the health care requirements for individual health insurance in the health care reform legislation.  H.R. 4887 was approved by a vote of 403 to 0. 

“As Chairwoman of the Military Personnel Subcommittee, I am a strong proponent of the TRICARE system and do not want that great benefit threatened in any way by health care reform in the United States.

“It is important that there are no unintended consequences from the health reform legislation.  We must ensure that the health insurance our brave men and women in uniform get through their military service qualifies as “minimum essential coverage” under the new law.

“I already believe that TRICARE and the Non-Appropriated Fund health plans will meet the minimum requirements for individual health insurance coverage in the health care bill.  Yet I believe this legislation should explicitly state that these health plans meet the minimum threshold.

“Clarifying the health care reform legislation will help achieve this goal and will allow our men and women in uniform to focus on their mission, not their health insurance.”


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