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Press Release

March 17, 2011

Contact: Aaron Hunter 202-225-2040


Rep. Susan Davis Votes to Protect Funding for NPR and KPBS

Washington – Congresswoman Susan Davis (D-San Diego) today voted against legislation that would block federal funding to National Public Radio (NPR).  The House of Representatives passed H.R. 1076 on a vote of 228-192.

“Public radio stations connect people to local community issues and world events,” said Davis on the House floor. “The calls coming into my office from my constituents overwhelmingly support federal funding for public radio and ask why Congress is voting on this instead of focusing on the economy. This bill is simply a distraction from what we should be working on, which is job creation and middle class prosperity.”

The 900 public radio stations across the country would feel the impact of this bill.  Many of them would have to cut back on several hours of programming every day. This cut will particularly hit numerous smaller stations in rural and regional areas where there are fewer news outlets.  It is small, rural stations that are particularly dependent on federal funding for their viability.

It is estimated that enactment of this bill would endanger 9,000 jobs at local public radio stations in communities across the country.

According to a preliminary estimate from the Congressional Budget Office, this bill will produce no savings for the taxpayer and will not reduce the deficit.


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