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Press Release

May 4, 2011

Contact: Aaron Hunter 202-225-2040


Rep. Susan Davis Stands Up to Attack on Women’s Health Care Services

WASHINGTON - Continuing to ignore the economy and instead pursuing a conservative social agenda, the House majority pushed through legislation to restrict women’s access to health care services.  Congresswoman Susan Davis (D-San Diego) voted against the misleading No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act (H.R. 3), an overreaching attack on women and a burden on small businesses, which passed the House on a vote of 251-175.

“The majority wants us to believe that this bill is solely about codifying existing law or just about taxpayer funding for abortion services,” said Davis. “But this extreme bill’s title belies its true intent – to go far beyond current law and comprehensively curtail women’s healthcare.”

The use of taxpayer dollars for abortions is already illegal.  This bill is instead an unprecedented assault on women’s health care.  For the first time, restrictions would be placed on how women with private insurance can spend their own dollars in purchasing health insurance.

Millions of women who work for small businesses will likely lose access to comprehensive health coverage.  Under the bill, a small employer cannot use the new small business tax credits created by the Affordable Care Act to provide employee health coverage if the coverage includes abortion services.  The likely result is that almost no small employer would offer such coverage.  Currently, 87 percent of employer-provided insurance plans include coverage of abortion.

Some women would be penalized with tax increases since the bill places certain restrictions on those using health savings accounts and other similar tax-exempt accounts.  Those itemizing deductions for medical expenses would see a tax increase.

Davis added, “This is a slap in the face of small businesses that are trying to take care of their companies, their employees, and their own families. It is also a slap in the face to any family that has to make the difficult decision to seek abortion care.”

Since taking control of the House this year, the majority has introduced several bills to restrict federal funds and tax breaks for insurance plans that provide abortion coverage.  The spending bill for the remainder of FY 2011 (HR 1) that the House passed in February contained provisions that bar the use of local and federal funds for abortions. 

Meanwhile, the American people, many of whom are struggling in this economy, are still waiting for the House to consider legislation to create jobs.


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