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Press Release

May 26, 2011

Congresswoman Susan Davis Directs Navy to Look at Assigning a Lead for Aerial Systems Work

WASHINGTON – Congresswoman Susan Davis (D-San Diego) wants the Navy to choose a facility in the country as its lead for maintenance work on unmanned aerial systems. San Diego would be a prime candidate for such a decision with its technology and maintenance capabilities.

Davis added an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (H.R 1540) directing the Navy to conduct a nationwide search for a lead facility and report back to Congress.

"With many new, complex technologies being developed to support unmanned aerial systems, the time is now to designate a depot within the Navy to take the lead," said Davis, a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee. "Southern California is a hotbed for this technology. As home to the leading UAS manufacturers in the world and the largest naval concentration in the United States, the region combines unique capabilities for unmanned platforms."

As the Navy's only depot west of the Mississippi, Fleet Readiness Center Southwest is the most efficient maintenance, repair, and overhaul organization within the Naval Air Systems Command. The 4,000 men and women who work at FRC SW combine exceptional technical engineering expertise with the lowest labor rates.

Davis's amendment was included with a group of en bloc amendments that passed the House.


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