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Press Release

May 18, 2012

Davis & Hunter Bill to Allow Active Duty Military Passes House in Defense Bill

WASHINGTON – The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passed by the House of Representatives included legislation sponsored by Reps. Susan Davis (D-CA) and Duncan D. Hunter (R-CA).
The Fairness for Military Homeowners Act would allow military homeowners to refinance mortgages on a principle residence while serving at a duty station that prevents them from occupying the home.  Currently, active duty military members cannot refinance if the home is not “owner-occupied.”   
“House passage is an excellent first step for this legislation which was brought to our attention by a service member from San Diego,” said Davis, Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Military Personnel. “Our nation’s service members should expect the same treatment as any other American when it comes to refinancing their mortgages.  The sacrifice of multiple deployments should not include the loss of their family homes.”
The House version of the NDAA passed on a vote of 299-120.  Davis vows to work with the Senate to ensure this bill language makes it to the President’s desk.


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