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Press Release

October 31, 2012

Rep. Susan Davis Hosts Small Business Forum on Doing Business with the Federal Government

SAN DIEGO – Congresswoman Susan Davis today hosted a forum for 80 San Diego area small business owners and entrepreneurs on how to do business with the federal government.
“As job creators and one of the drivers of the economy, small businesses are always looking to expand,” said Davis. “There are many ways for local businesses to engage with the federal government that can be beneficial to both sides. This forum is an opportunity for companies to gain some insight on how to go about that.”
The federal government buys tissue paper to jet fighters and everything in between. In fact, if small business sells a product or service, there is a good chance it is something the government needs to purchase. To help small firms break into this huge marketplace, Congresswoman Susan Davis is hosting this forum. 
The program featured a presentation by the San Diego Contracting Opportunities Center on how to work with the federal government.  Davis also invited a panel of prime contractors to discuss how to team up with larger firms and small businesses that are successfully working with the federal government.
Presenting attendees with ideas were representatives from San Diego Contracting Opportunities Center, Hensel Phelps, General Atomics, SAIC, Conner Networks, and BPI Plumbing.


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