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Press Release

November 27, 2012

Rep. Susan Davis to Hold Constituent Lottery for Presidential Inauguration Tickets

SAN DIEGO – Congresswoman Susan Davis announced a lottery for tickets to the inauguration of President Barack Obama on January 21, 2013. Davis will randomly select inauguration tickets for constituents of the new 53rd Congressional District.
“Some lucky constituents will have a chance to be a part of history!” said Davis. “During inaugurations, Americans come together to celebrate our enduring democracy. Holding a lottery gives everyone who wants a ticket a fair chance.”
Constituents can enter Davis’s Inauguration Lottery on here. The entry form must be completed by Sunday, December 2, at midnight Pacific Standard Time. People can see if they are in the new district with this map.
Demand from constituents exceeds the supply of tickets allotted to members, but Davis encourages people to take part in the lottery if they are interested. Constituents will be chosen at random and winners will be notified via email by December 7 so they can make their travel plans.
Potential entrants should be aware that inaugural tickets are standing only and it can be bitter cold in Washington in January.  Also, winners must pick up their tickets in person in Washington DC.  Tickets may not be given to others or sold.


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