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Press Release

August 2, 2013

Congresswoman Susan Davis Introduces Bill to Help Military Children Succeed in School

WASHINGTON -  Congresswoman Susan Davis introduced legislation to give educators the tools to help military children succeed academically. Currently, schools and educators do not have access to reliable data on the academic performance of military-connected students as they do on other groups of students.

“Military children face a myriad of special circumstances, such as frequent moves and parental deployments, which research has shown poses serious challenges in their schooling,”
said Rep. Davis. “It’s time we pay closer attention to the success of these students. In effect, they are an ‘invisible population’, whose well-being is not precisely measured and whose needs are not properly addressed.”

The Helping Military Children Succeed in School Act would create a military student identifier to provide the data needed to address these diverse challenges. Specifically, a report-only subgroup for military-connected students would allow schools and districts to effectively track students’ performance.

This data would then help educators identify areas of concern, develop best practices, and deploy targeted solutions to help military-connected student succeed. For privacy concerns, personally identifiable information about individual students would be prohibited.

Davis’s bill has been endorsed by the Military Child Education Coalition and the Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans and Military Families.



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