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Press Release

August 22, 2013

Rep. Susan Davis Calls for an End to Furloughs of Federal Workers

SAN DIEGO - End the furloughs. End sequestration. That was the message Congresswoman Susan Davis, Congressman Scott Peters, and the American Federation of Government Employees delivered at a press conference at the federal building downtown.

Furloughs from across-the-board budget cuts, known as sequestration, impact thousands of workers in San Diego resulting in a de-facto twenty percent pay cut.

“These are middle class workers with middle class families,” said Davis. “Sequestration and furloughs create uncertainty for these workers and send the message that they and the work that they do are not valued. These random cuts and our current budget stalemate also create uncertain for our economy. A key priority of Congress is to help our economy grow. Sequestration and furloughs do the opposite of that.”

Job and economic growth, while on the rise, has shown lackluster increases.  The Congressional Budget Office predicted as much at the beginning the year saying growth would be hurt if sequestration kicked in.

The effects of sequestration are being felt throughout the government and in every community. In addition to furloughs, it has knocked 57,000 pre-schoolers nationwide out of Head Start. NIH funding to San Diego is in jeopardy further threatening the local economy and life saving research, and cuts to the judicial branch could hurt its ability to prosecute crimes.

Without a long-term budget solution, the effects of sequestration will continue to have a real impact in San Diego County.

Davis pushed for passage of a federal budget that ends the furloughs and sequestration, provides a workable budget for our federal agencies, and funds preschool education so future generations aren’t held back.



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