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Press Release

October 11, 2013

Congresswoman Susan Davis Connects with 3,000 Constituents on Telephone Town Hall

WASHINGTON - Congresswoman Susan Davis (D-San Diego) conducted a Telephone Town Hall meeting last night reaching 3,053 constituents. The federal government shutdown was the main topic on everyone’s mind although the debt ceiling and Obamacare also came up.

“With the government shutdown lasting nearly 11 days, Congress has stayed in session making it difficult to travel back to San Diego and hear my from my constituents in person,” said Davis. “This Telephone Town Hall was a prime opportunity to hear from people about how the shutdown is impacting them and what they think Congress should do to break the gridlock.”

In the hour and thirteen-minute call, there was much frustration from San Diego area callers, a sentiment Davis shared with them.

Throughout the call Davis posed survey questions to callers to which they could respond with the push of a button on their phone’s keypad.  The poll questions are not scientific but they do help Davis get a sense of how her constituents feel about key issues.

When asked how concerned they were about the economic impact of the government shutdown, nearly 70 percent said they were very concerned. Eighteen percent were somewhat concerned and just 13% were not too concerned at all.

Only 26% of those on the call were supportive of efforts to shut down the government over Obamacare.  Over 70% were opposed.   

When asked about the importance of the country paying its bills, 76 percent said it is absolutely essential for our economy that we raise the debt ceiling while 13 percent indicated that they think the country can go past the debt ceiling deadline without doing major economic damage.

The call was conducted Thursday evening and randomly called residents in Davis’s 53rd Congressional District.



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