State of the Union Speech

Vice President and Speaker

Vice President Joe Biden and Speaker John Boehner wait for President Obama to enter the chamber and deliver his annual State of the Union address.
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President enters chambers

President Obama enters the House chamber to deliver his speech before a joint session of Congress.

Speaker Welcomes President

Speaker John Boehner welcomes President Obama to the House.


Members of the House and Senate were joined by Cabinet officials, Supreme Court Justices and representatives of the diplomatic corps.

Standing Ovation

Lawmakers gave a standing ovation to U.S. Army Ranger Sgt. First Class Cory Remsburg, who was wounded in Afghanistan and sat with First Lady Michelle Obama during the address.

President Obama addressed Joint Session of Congress

At the invitation of Speaker John Boehner, President Barack Obama delivered his annual State of the Union address to a Joint Session of Congress in the House Chamber on Tuesday, January 28, 2014.

Supreme Court justices, Cabinet officials, and members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff joined House Members and Senators for the event.

As required by the Constitution, the President “shall from time to time give to the Congress Information on the State of the Union.” George Washington delivered the first address on January 8, 1790. Beginning with Thomas Jefferson, Presidents sent a written report until Woodrow Wilson revived the custom of giving a speech in 1913.

President Obama's speech was the 93rd given in person.

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