Flags Over the Capitol

flag flying over the Capitol dome
Photo: House Office of Photography

Request a Flag Flown Over the Capitol

On average, more than 100,000 American flags fly over the U.S. Capitol a year. Why so many? The Capitol Flag Program, which began in 1937, allows a member of Congress to request a flag be flown over the Capitol on behalf of a constituent. The flag is then given to the constituent.

The Architect of the Capitol fulfills more than 100,000 flag requests from Members of the House and Senate each year. With advance notice, a flag can be flown on a specific date to commemorate a birthday, retirement, anniversary, or other special occasion. Each flag comes with a certificate of authenticity that can be personalized to reflect the occasion. Flags are available in nylon and cotton, and come in three sizes (3’x 5’ - 4’x 6’ - 5’x 8’).

For flag care and display guidelines, see the United States Flag Code.

Learn more about the Capitol Flag Program. To order a flag, contact your Representative. Find your Representative by zip code or by state.