IRS National Office Personnel Who Met with the Commission


Thomas Andretta, National Director for Financial Analysis
Melanie Arwood, Director, Office of Management and Analysis
Thomas F. Baker, Technical Advisor to the Special Counsel (Modernization)
Janet M. Balbo, Director, Taxpayer Service Finance Division
Leonard Baptiste, Jr., Director, Systems, Standards, and Evaluation Division
Gary D. Bell, Chief Inspector
John Benton, Economic Analysis Director
John Binnion, Assistant Commissioner (Support Services)
George Blaine, Counsel to the Assistant Chief Counsel (Income Tax & Accounting)
Brad Bouton, Operations Research Analyst
Stuart L. Brown, Chief Counsel
Joann L. Buck, Senior Advisor for Management and Administration
Vincent S. Canciello, National Director of Appeals
Thomas Carroll, National Director of Quality
Elinor A. Convery, Branch Chief, Applied Research
Dennis R. Cox, Manager, Economic Analysis and Modeling Group
Richard Creamer, Customer Service Transition Executive
Douglas C. Crouch, Deputy Chief Inspector
John Cummings, Assistant Chief Counsel (Disclosure Litigation)
John Dalrymple, Acting Deputy Chief Compliance Officer and Deputy Chief Taxpayer Service
Tom Dega, Executive Officer for Service Center Operations
Michael P. Dolan, Deputy Commissioner
James E. Donelson, Chief Compliance Officer and Acting Chief Taxpayer Service
John J. Dopkin, Chief, Tax Forms Development Branch
Judith C. Dunn, Associate Chief Counsel (Domestic)
Lisa Fiely, National Director for Financial Management
Carol Gold, Director, Employee Plans Division
Dianne Grant, Senior Advisor to Chief Compliance Officer
Arthur A. Gross, Associate Commissioner for Modernization/Chief Information Officer
Holly L. Hagen, Office of Chief Counsel (General Legal Services)
William Hannon, Director, Analysis and Studies Division
Patricia Healy, National Director for Systems and Accounting Standards
Doug Izard, Dean, School of Taxation
Thad Juszczak, Budget Execution Director
Mark Kaizen, Assistant Chief Counsel (General Legal Services)
Rhett Leverett, Legislative Liason
Sebastian R. Lorigo, Assistant Chief Inspector (Internal Security)
Ed McHale, Acting Chief, Accounting Standards and Evaluation
David A. Mader, Chief Management & Administration
Marie Medeck, National Director of Assistance and Planning
Richard J. Mihelcic, Associate Chief Counsel (Finance & Management)
Norlyn D. Miller, Senior Technical Reviewer, Office Assistant Chief Counsel (Income Tax & Accounting)
Steven T. Miller, Special Assistant for Exempt Organizations Matters
Lee Monks, Taxpayer Advocate
Richard Morgante, National Director of Budget
Billy G. Morrison, Assistant Chief Inspector (Internal Audit)
Anthony Musick, Chief Financial Officer
Thomas S. Myerchin, National Director of Education
James O’Malley, National Director, Personnel Division
Marcus S. Owens, Director, Exempt Organizations Division
Michael Paup, Special Counsel
Charlotte Perdue, National Director, Strategic Planning Division
Evelyn A. Petschek, Assistant Commissioner (Employee Plans & Exempt Organizations)
Holly Piwowar, Economist
Alan Plumley, Analyst, Economic Analysis and Modeling Research Division
Andre Ré, National Director, Office of Compliance Specialization
Deborah Reilly, National Director of Customer Service Operations Division
Olga Rhodes, Acting Executive for Electronic Filing
Ron Rhodes, Assistant Commissioner (Collection)
Sean Rogers, Chief, Office of Labor Relations
Margaret Milner Richardson, Commissioner of Internal Revenue
Gregory D. Rothwell, Assistant Commissioner (Procurement)
Sheldon Schwartz, Director, Tax Forms and Publications Division
Bob Shimshock, Chief, Office of Revenue Accounting
Stuart L. Silhol, Staff Advisor to Chief Inspector
Jimmy L. Smith, Assistant Commissioner (Forms and Submission Processing)
Thomas Smith, Assistant Commissioner (Examination)
Linda Stiff, National Director, Government Liaison and Disclosure
Carolyn Tavenner, Senior Advisor to Chief Taxpayer Services
Wayne Thomas, National Director, Compliance Research
Thomas J. Tiffany, Executive Assistant to the Taxpayer Advocate
Joe Urban, Branch Chief, Office of Assistant Chief Counsel (Disclosure Litigation)
Robert N. Veeder, Privacy Advocate
C. Elizabeth Wagner, Assistant to the Commissioner
J. R. Watson, Executive Officer for Customer Service
Daniel J. Wiles, Deputy Associate Chief Counsel (Domestic)
Floyd Williams, National Director, Legislative Affairs
Thomas W. Wilson, Jr., National Director, Office of Corporate Examination