Previous Meetings

National Commission on Restructuring the IRS Private Sector Task Force Testimony

April 17, 1997

Panel 1:

Panel 2: Panel 3: Panel 4 Panel 5: Panel 6:

April 18, 1997


Procurement and Acquisition
March 13, 1997

Information Security

Budget Process Approaches to Compliance National Archives and IRS Records Retention
February 27, 1997
Century Date Change Governance and Management Panel
February 26, 1997
Majority Leader Richard K. Armey

Overview and Legislative Options for Taxpayers' Rights

Quality of Audit

Collection Actions

Taxpayer's Redress

Taxpayer Representatives

November 7 and 8, 1996
On November 7th the Commission heard from witnessesdiscussing core structural and managerial aspects of the Internal RevenueService.  Those who testified include:

Each witness gave a statement and then the floorwas opened to questions from the Commissioners.

On November 8th, the Commission focused on two broad issues: the background and use of the Section 6103 privacy rules, and the complexity of the tax laws and the resulting burdens on both taxpayers and the Internal Revenue Service.  The witnesses on November 8th were asfollows:

First Panel:

Second Panel:

September 10, 1996
The following individuals gave testimony and participated in a panel discussion with the members of the Commission. The focus of testimony focused on quality control and customer service at the Internal Revenue Service.
January 31, 1997
Technical Management of Technology

Current IRS Governance and Oversight Arrangements

January 30, 1997
Best Practices in Tax Administration and Modernization

Application of Technology to Returns Processing

Application of Technology to Improve Information Access

January 9, 1996
Financial Accounting at the IRS

Geographic Allocation of IRS Resources and Personnel

The Numbers: Tax Gap

January 8, 1996
Non-Tax Functions

Taxpayer Inquiries for Technical Assistance and Account Management

Role of Taxpayer Advocate and Problem Resolution Officers

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