New Members Sworn In

Members-elect of the 115th Congress freshman class on the stairs of the East Front of the Capitol

Members-elect gather for the 115th Congress freshman class photo. The photo is traditionally taken before the start of each Congress on the stairs of the East Front of the Capitol. (Photo by Fred Schilling)

115th Congress Begins

They won their elections on November 8th, 2016, and officially transitioned from candidates to Members-elect of the United States House of Representatives. One week after the election, more than 50 Members-elect traveled to Capitol Hill for New Member Orientation.

Before they were sworn in on January 3, 2017, these Members-elect established their Congressional District and Washington, D.C., offices and hired staff. All of this goes on while the Members-elect worked with their colleagues to prepare for the legislative business of the 115th Congress.

More details about the make-up of the House of Representatives is available from the Clerk of the House.

Visitors can find their representative here and can find information about visiting the Capitol through the Capitol Visitor Center.