Vacancy Announcement

Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

Position Available: Lead Teacher
Vacancy Announcement Number: CAO-Req82
Office/Location: U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C.
Closing Date: Until Filled
Salary Level/Range: $44,725 -51,312
Proposed Starting Date: March 1, 2020

Job Summary:

The Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) provides operations support services and business solutions to the community of 10,000 House Members, Officers and staff. The CAO organization comprises more than 650 technical and administrative staff working in a variety of areas, including information technology, finance, budget management, human resources, payroll, child care, food and vending, procurement, logistics and administrative counsel. 

The incumbent serves as a Lead Teacher and is responsible for the day-to-day delivery of exemplary child care services to the House Community. The duties and responsibilities will be carried out under the direction of the Director. The position has direct supervisory/managerial responsibilities.



1. Responsible for the day-to-day delivery of child care services in assigned classroom. Ensure quality and continuity of care in the classroom at all times. Provide and coordinate care for children including changing diapers/toileting, feeding, and comforting. Ensure all children’s physical, cognitive, and emotional needs are met.

2. Be a leader in the classroom, Child Care Center, and CAO team. Show initiative towards the improvement of provided services by sharing ideas and participating in meetings. Participate in special limited term and long-term projects and initiatives. Participate in after action reviews and provide feedback as appropriate. Coordinate and oversee all aspects of classroom operation. Train, coach, and mentor staff, providing tools and resources. Model high quality work, and demonstrate and promote ongoing reflection and growth. Hold regular classroom team meetings and manage work-time schedules of team. Appropriately address employee conflicts and disciplinary actions.

3. Prioritize health and safety; includes, but not limited to: conduct daily child health and safety checks, maintain child to staff ratios, provide active supervision of children, be aware of all special health and dietary needs, monitor and respond appropriately to illness & injury and emergency situations, follow cleaning & sanitation guidelines, and utilize universal precautions. Immediately raise/bring to Directors’ attention any relevant information or issues concerning or related to staff, children, and/or families.

4. Coordinate and oversee developmentally appropriate, child-centered curriculum and assessment planning, implementation, and documentation. Prepare for and hold Parent-Teacher Conferences, orientation meetings, and other parent meetings as needed. Support children and families through transitions including enrollment and withdrawal, between classrooms, to and from home each day, and between activities throughout the day.

5. Maintain accurate records and logs in a timely and organized fashion. Create and keep up-to-date classroom handbooks, child portfolios, and NAEYC Classroom Portfolio.

6. Develop and maintain familiarity and compliance with, and established systems for meeting all applicable legal requirements, House Rules, Committee and CAO policies and procedures, as well as specific House Child Care Center practices and procedures. These include, but are not limited to: The Personnel Policies and Procedures for the Officers and Inspector General, as well as the supplemental policies and procedures thereof; CAO Work Schedule Policies; and National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) standards.

7. Use materials and resources effectively. Inform administration of unusual problems and unanticipated constraints of resource requirements in a timely manner. Monitor usage and inventory levels of all supplies and materials, and advise Administrators of related needs and issues. Return relevant items to designated storage areas and maintain organization throughout the classroom and Center.

8. Treat all children, families, and staff with dignity and respect, allowing for individual differences. Establish positive relationships with each child, family member, and coworker. Communicate effectively and professionally orally and in writing. Maintain confidentiality. Continually remain calm in challenging situations. Utilize developmentally and situationally appropriate behavior management techniques.

9. Seek and attend ongoing professional development and demonstrate an attitude of continual growth.

10. Perform other duties as assigned.


         Academic degree in Early Childhood Education, Child Development, Elementary Education, or Early Childhood Special Education or higher (or equivalent).

         Minimum 3 years experience and continued interest in working with young children and their families in an early childhood setting.

         Demonstrated knowledge of basic child development as well as the ability to understand the developmental progress and identify the needs of all applicable children.

         Ability to understand child care educational research and/or best practices, and convert/apply to the classroom.

         Ability to organize and plan effectively. Detail oriented with the ability to work under stress, manage multiple tasks, and meet deadlines.

         Ability to handle sensitive and confidential matters with tact, as well as the ability to exercise judgement and discretion.

         Ability to sustain a high level of energy and a positive, professional attitude.

         Proficient in using varied information and automated office systems to include computers and mobile devices, MS Office, web-based systems, copier, phone, etc.

·         Additional requirements:

         Ability to acquire and maintain Infant/Child/Adult CPR Certification. Required within 30 days of hire date.

         Ability to acquire and maintain First Aid Certification. Required within 30 days of hire date.

         Ability to successfully complete an annual physical and tuberculosis test (at the incumbent’s expense) prior to employment and annually thereafter (current documentation may not be older than 12 months).

         Ability to maintain consistent and reliable attendance required. Flexibility with scheduling and availability to work additional hours as needed.

         Ability to meet minimum physical requirements:

·         lift (from floor) and carry up to fifty pounds

·         push a crib/cart/stroller with up to 6 children for potentially long distances

·         carry Classroom Go-Bag and other emergency supplies

·         move equipment, furniture, and toys in and out of play areas

·         utilize fine and medium hand manipulations.

·         assume postures in low level positions including but not limited to bending, stooping, squatting, kneeling and sitting on the floor 

·         agility to move from a seated position to a standing position promptly to respond to emergency situations

·         perform all activities with children, including but not limited to standing, jumping, dancing, walking, and running for extended periods of time

·         possess hearing and visual capabilities necessary to monitor the environment and children’s well-being

·         be outdoors for regular, prolonged activities in a variety of temperatures and weather conditions

 •         Must be able to secure and maintain applicable security clearances.

Applicant Instructions:

Qualified candidates please submit your resume online by following the instructions in this link:


For information concerning the CAO’s collection of personal information, please see


Hiring for this position is governed by the Veteran's Employment Opportunities Act. Applicants seeking veterans’ preference consideration should contact a CAO Human Resources representative at   for further information.candidates please submit your resume online by following the instructions on this link: 


For information concerning the CAO’s collection of personal information, please see


Hiring for this position is governed by the Veteran's Employment Opportunities Act. Applicants seeking veterans’ preference consideration should contact a CAO Human Resources representative at for further information.



All applicants will be considered without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex (including marital or parental status), disability, or age.


Continued employment is contingent upon satisfactorily completing a criminal history records check (or other applicable security clearance) and pre-employment drug-test (pre-identified position only).


Title 1 of the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, as amended (5 U.S.C app§ 101 et seq.) requires certain House employees to file Financial Disclosure Statements. For information please visit