Communicating with Congress (CWC)

The House is constantly working to identify issues and implement solutions to improve communications between citizens and their elected Representatives in Congress.


Individuals communicating with Congress can use the Find Your Representative feature on this website. It's located in the upper right corner of every page on Please note the individual method is different from the advocacy method described below. We want to ensure individuals' messages will not be overwhelmed by the mass communications submitted via advocacy campaigns.

Advocacy Groups

Communicating with Congress (CWC) is a service specifically designed to provide advocacy vendors with an efficient means to deliver mass communications to Members of the House of Representatives. It is helpful to Member offices by providing more effective management of the communications from advocacy campaigns. CWC messages are readily identifiable through the use of an established secure delivery path and a strict XML standard mandated for use of the CWC service by participating advocacy vendors.

Advocacy Vendor Application Process

To be considered for participation in the CWC service, Advocacy Vendors can do the following:

Upon receipt, the CWC Application will be reviewed by CAO Acquisitions Management.

Upon approval, you will be contacted by the CAO Web Systems Directorate and provided:

  • A copy of the signed CWC Application
  • Technical information relevant to your firm's participation and use of the CWC Service.

Transactions related to communicating with Members of Congress require the highest degree of public trust and an impeccable standard of conduct. If you have specific questions or require additional information about the CWC Service, please contact

*NOTE: Viewing the Advocacy Vendor Level of Service Standards and completing the CWC Application requires a PDF reader compatible with Acrobat 7 or higher. Although many software packages can read PDF files, these files have only been tested with Acrobat Reader. Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.